Facial Pain, Headache,Headache Relief,Headaches, Jaw Ache,Jaw Pain, Migraine,Migraine Relief,Migraines,TMJ, TMJ ReliefTMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, a location where dysfunction causes pain in the jaw. This joint allows a person to speak, chew, and move the jaw as needed. Tendons, muscles, and a lot of connective tissue surrounds the joint in order to keep things moving properly. If a person begins to notice a popping or clicking sound while speaking or chewing, it may be the beginning of a TMJ problem.

TMJ issues may result in a change of appearance for some. It may cause the two sides of the face to appear asymmetrical or uneven. This can occur simply due to the fact that a person chews more on one side than the other, thereby wearing the teeth down faster. This can bring about TMJ dysfunction because when the teeth wear unevenly, the body compensates for this and certain bones can move out of alignment. Other reasons for TMJ issues and asymmetry of the face are:

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  • Cupping one side of the chin in the same hand on a regular basis.
  • Putting more weight on one leg than the other when standing up.
  • Twisting the body to one side to play a musical instrument like the violin.
  • Sitting with the same leg crossed over the other all the time.
  • Writing, painting, or other things that require a person only to use one hand.

Where to Find Relief for TMJ

TMJ dysfunction, along with facial asymmetry, can be caused by a misalignment in one of the upper two bones of the neck. A misalignment here can lead to all kinds of health problems due to the fact that the brainstem and spinal cord meet in this very location. A misalignment puts undue pressure on the spinal cord causing signals being sent to and from the brain and body to be distorted, thus leading to pain and other serious problems, such as TMJ dysfunction.

Once an upper cervical chiropractor examines a patient’s neck to find the exact location of the problem, a gentle, precise method is used to help the bones of the neck to realign more naturally. This allows the healing process to take over and correct the damage done. This often leads to the resolution of TMJ problems along with facial asymmetry.

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