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Migraines Relieved With Nucca Care In Ames Iowa

Migraines Relieved With Nucca Care In Ames Iowa

Painful Hip And Neck Alleviated With Nucca Care In Ames Iowa

Painful Hip And Neck Alleviated With Nucca Care In Ames Iowa

Sleepless And Constant Crying Baby Helped With Nucca Care In Ames Iowa

Sleepless And Constant Crying Baby Helped With Nucca Care In Ames Iowa

Disc pain in the neck
I have two deteriorating discs in my neck and for years the pain was very difficult to tolerate. I just wanted to remove my head every night and avoid the discomfort I experienced. I don’t want to sound like a commercial, but the difference Dr. Read has made in my life is profound. I can go for several weeks and sometimes months without hurting. I can sleep! No matter what I tried in the past, I never got relief in the way I have with my treatments from Dr. Read. If you think you have untreatable pain, please consider what the NUCCA method can do for you.


Neck pain and avoiding knee surgery
I was continually having issues with my neck from an old whiplash (car accident). My friend told me about Dr. Read. She has relieved my stiff neck greatly by the N.U.C.C.A method, but an added bonus was that I did NOT have to have my torn meniscus surgery after a series of treatments by Dr. Read. My knee healed. I wish I would have know about her before I had the surgery on my other knee! I especially like the gentle way she adjusts you-no cracking!


No headaches, sleeping better, with more energy
I saw Barbara Kruse Read about 6 weeks ago, and my headaches are GONE! (Seriously! I was skeptical, but it really worked). Plus, I’m sleeping better at night and have more energy. My hips and knees feel better, and my circulation is much better also. I never knew my hands were cold before, but I can tell they are MUCH warmer now. NUCCA treatment is really great and different than other Chiropractic care. There’s no poppy or forcing things back into place. Just a gentle adjustment.


One of the best chiropractors I’ve experienced
I don’t normally write reviews but I’ve found this Chiropractor to be one of the best I’ve ever experienced. Dr. Read has truly changed my health for the better. I use to have headaches that were unmanageable. I don’t like to take a lot of prescription medications or even over the counter for that matter and for years now I have not had to worry about that. No more headaches!! Another good side effect with being adjusted is my skin has cleared up; I have no more painful acne flares. I just always considered adult acne as one of my fates in life. My overall health couldn’t be better; energy, mood and I attribute it all to NUCCA care. Thank you Dr. Read!


Fibromyalgia pain
Lingering mid-back pain and change in posture
I love all kinds of chiropractic care! But when it came to lingering pain in my mid-back that wouldn’t go away, the kind of upper cervical chiropractic care that Dr. Read does truly changed my life. I spent years with a nagging, sometimes burning pain between my shoulder blades. And one NUCCA adjustment actually changed how I was standing, and how I was carrying my shoulders. And yes, the pain went away and I’m no longer thinking about it constantly! I tell everyone to start at the top of the spine, like Dr. Read does. Simple as that.


Facing surgery for leg numbness
I just want to say THANK YOU once again for seeing and treating me. When diagnosed with cancer in April 2004, I knew my life was in for some big changes. After two of my sons graduated from high school, a grueling year on the job, and three major surgeries, my body was truly traumatized.

Upon spending Christmas day in the hospital with severe back pain (pinched nerve) and numb right leg, a dear friend insisted I come and have a visit with you. She was sure you could help me and I was devastated at the thought of another surgery.

I am ecstatic with the results! After only 2 adjustments the back pain is gone, the numbness in my legs is gone, I have more energy, have recently started my workouts again and am getting my positive attitude back. I finally feel that I’m climbing UP the mountain instead of spiraling downhill.

You and NUCCA have sure made a believer out of me. Keep on healing and helping, Dr. Read. Forever grateful!

–Pamela H.

Disabling hip pain resolved
End to extreme pain and new ability to exercise
It has been over two years that I have been seeing Dr. Read as my NUCCA doctor. I thank my luck stars that my friend, Joanne, was very insistent that I get an appointment with Dr. Read. Joanne had heard about the NUCCA method through a relative, and was so sure it would help me with my pain in my hips and back.

I was extremely skeptical that anyone or anything could help me with this pain. It was close to be being unbearable when I walked or stood. I had been in physical therapy for months, getting nowhere but worse. How could some method, that my friend Joanne couldn’t even explain to me, work? At this point I was willing to try anything, because I was 47, with a 10 year old daughter, scared and depressed, living in a house with a ton of stairs.

What transpired after my visit with Dr. Read and the two years following has been a miracle to me. The NUCCA method has given me back my health and my life. I can for walk for three miles, exercise, cross country ski, shoot hoops with my daughter, garden, and just stand around. I now tell everyone about it, and explain it in the best detail I can, how and why NUCCA works. Each person I have educated who has been suffering with pain, and has had the NUCCA treatment, feels blessed. They are out of pain, and their lives have turned back to normal.

I often think, if I could win the lottery, I would set up a NUCCA traveling treatment vehicle, that could travel to many parts of the country where there aren’t NUCCA trained and certified doctors…that’s how much I feel the NUCCA method can help people.

–Tracie I.L.

Shoulder problems, headaches, stress, and neck pain
For 25 years I had been seeing a chiropractor. And when that did not work I consulted an osteopath, who wrote a lot of prescriptions. About three years ago, I began dealing with pain so bad that I could hardly deal with it. I experienced shoulder and neck pain, as well as stress and headaches. This kept me from doing a lot of things with my kids and grandkids. For example, I could not even hold my grandkids. I felt sick and tired everyday and I missed a lot of work. Overall, I felt as if I had a poor quality of life.

I tried several different chiropractors and several medical doctors of different types. The chiropractors would lessen my shoulder and neck pain temporarily, but I still had the headaches. For about a year, I was constantly on muscle relaxers and pain pills. I was a little concerned that I might become addicted to them. Finally, someone recommended Dr. Read to me. I was skeptical because I had tried everything, but I was desperate.

When I first came into the office, I was a little nervous about having to file my own insurance. Meeting with Dr. Read, however, gave me the comfort that if she could not help me, she was determined to find someone who could. I led the fact that she listened to me. Other doctors had asked me where it hurt and how long it had hurt for, but Dr. Read did a thorough investigation of my health background. She explained things in a way that I could understand and made me feel like a partner in my treatment.

After two years I have used almost no sick leave at work. I can do things with my kids and pick up my grandkids without pain. Now I can go several weeks between adjustments, pain free.

When I see people that are in the kind of pain that I was, I try to refer them. I was at the point where I thought I would never get rid of the pain if it not for drugs. To anything thinking about trying Dr. Read, if you have not gotten relief for your problems, this is where you need to be. She takes the time and effort to get to the bottom of your problem and treat it. The way she listened to what I had to say really made a difference. I was treated like someone who could be involved in the my treatment and make an informed decision. I think most people want to feel like a partner with their doctor, and just told what to do. For me, it has almost been a 180 degree turnaround.

–Lori W.