What to Expect

Day 1

Consultation and History

We do a free, in-depth, health consultation and history. We will listen to you and your needs. Taking time to discuss any issues you are experiencing and what is needed to get your life back.

Full Exam and Xrays

The next step is to conduct a comprehensive physical examination tailored to evaluate your whole-body alignment and muscle balance. At this point we will determine if you would be a good fit for upper cervical chiropractic care (N.U.C.C.A).

N.U.C.C.A. is an extremely accurate technique and requires X-rays to calculate every aspect of your upper cervical subluxation. Our digital X-ray imaging system will show us the current position of your head and neck as well as the condition of your spine. This data will be instrumental in giving you specific care for your specific issues. This will allow us to objectively determine what is needed to dramatically improve the quality of your life.

Day 2

Analysis and Report of Findings

We thoroughly analyze your X-ray images to identify any subluxations or misalignments of your head and neck. This analysis will help us know how to provide accurate and specific corrections. We will go over our findings with you and provide you with a written report, including illustrations and animations to make sure you are clear about the goals of your care plan.

1st Correction and Post Xrays

Now that we know your specific misalignment, we will perform an adjustment to correct the problem. The gentle, precise, and effective technique involves no twisting, popping, or cracking.

After the adjustment we will verify that we made a full correction. We start with a repeat of all the preliminary exams, comparing the changes in your body alignment. Next, we will take a new set of X-rays to measure the changes from your correction.

While we are analyzing these X-rays, you will rest in our comfortable resting room, allowing your body to gently settle into this new alignment. If the post-adjustment X-rays show an optimal change, your appointment is finished for the day. If not, you will be adjusted again, and rest as needed. We will get your spine in the right alignment before you leave so you can be on your way to healing!

Next Steps:

We want your body to heal as fully and quickly as possible so we will go over helpful tips that will help you hold your adjustment. Holding is healing!

Follow-up visits will include a repeat of all the initial examinations, evaluating your posture and body alignment. If your body has lost its alignment, you will be adjusted again. If you are still holding your optimal body alignment and balance, you will not be adjusted. Instead, we will celebrate the stability of your correction and the ability of your body to heal and repair.

The goal is for us to work together, follow a care plan, so you come in less and less frequently as your body heals.

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