Facial Pain, Headache,Headache Relief,Headaches, Jaw Ache,Jaw Pain, Migraine,Migraine Relief,Migraines,TMJ, TMJ ReliefWhat exactly is TMJ? It is an abbreviation for temporomandibular joint. TMJ dysfunction is a term used to describe pain and problems associated with the muscles that move the jaw and the temporomandibular joints. Tenderness and pain are felt in the jaw and other spots along the neck and head.

Someone suffering from TMJ problems may have problems with sleep and have a lot of stress in his life. His pain is usually worse in the morning. When he moves his jaw, catching, clicking, grinding, or popping may be experienced. He may also notice restricted movement when he opens or closes his mouth.

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Where to Find Help for TMJ Problems

If a dentist is consulted for help with this condition, they will often work at trying to change a person’s bite. A medical doctor may suggest relieving TMJ with drugs or even surgery in severe cases. However, another area is seeing success in helping TMJ problem sufferers. That is the field of upper cervical chiropractic care.

Exciting research has been done by the Upper Cervical Research Foundation. They have discovered that TMJ patients see a major improvement in their symptoms after receiving only a few adjustments from an upper cervical chiropractor. These improvements are seen without the use of drugs or surgery. In one study that covered an 8-week period, the participants were happy to see their TMJ symptoms go from a 5.9 on the pain scale down to 0.9. What a dramatic change in a short time!

Numerous other studies have been done over the years that support the fact that upper cervical chiropractic care helps a person cope with not only TMJ but numerous other health problems all related to a misalignment of the upper neck vertebrae.

I have been specially trained to detect and then work to correct misalignments of the upper neck that may be hindering the brainstem from sending proper signals to and from the brain and body. Once this misalignment is corrected, many patients report seeing their symptoms decrease and feeling better overall.

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