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Have you ever experienced a concussion and later noticed an increase in lower back pain? Have you or someone you know suffered both from a concussion and ongoing lower back issues? What was the timeline of these events? Can you remember a personal experience where an injury that led to a concussion seemed to be connected to more symptoms down the line? Do you wonder if there might be a correlation between head injuries and lower back pain? 

In instances where both concussions and lower back pain are present, do you believe there’s a shared underlying factor, or is it merely coincidental? If you’re in pursuit of lower back pain relief in Ames, do you think an incident that led to a concussion is the culprit?


Understanding the Connection Between Concussions and Low Back Pain

First things first, there is a connection between lower back pain and concussions. When you suffer a concussion, your central nervous system bears the impact, resulting in various symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and loss of balance. Surprisingly, these symptoms can extend beyond the head, affecting the body’s movement and function, leading to muscle spasms and reduced flexibility.

Apart from those, concussions may also lead to lower back pain as the force from the injury damages connective tissues holding the atlas and axis bones in place. This damage can lead to vertebral bone twisting and misalignment of the hips and legs. Consequently, the sciatic nerve is at risk of pinching or compression, causing significant discomfort in the lower back. You might also experience radiating burning nerve pain from the hips to the tips of your toes.


Help is Available: Talk to a Chiropractor for Back Pain in Ames

If you’re grappling with chronic lower back pain and have a history of concussions, seeking the expertise of a healthcare professional is crucial. Gentle adjustments to the neck can alleviate pressure on the spine and restore proper nerve function, offering long-term relief from symptoms and promoting overall health. An Upper Cervical Chiropractor for Back Pain in Ames can help with these gentle and precise adjustments.

concussion, back pain relief in Ames, chiropractor for Back Pain in Ames, Ames  Chiropractors


Seeking Professional Care for Lower Back Pain Relief in Ames

Ames  Chiropractors like Dr. Read and Dr. Lee can help you check the alignment of your upper cervical spine. Once the misalignments are identified, gentle adjustments can commence. Depending on the extent of misalignment, subsequent adjustments may be necessary, but significant improvements in your overall condition can be expected.

Aside from adjustments, an Upper Cervical doctor can provide valuable tips to maintain your cervical spine’s health. Regular visits and proactive care can prevent postural problems from affecting your body, sparing you from unnecessary discomfort.

Upper Cervical Care focuses on the specific area where the skull meets the spine, aiming to correct misalignments that may have originated from concussions or other factors. This precise approach acknowledges the sensitivity of the upper cervical spine and emphasizes precision to encourage optimal healing. By addressing the root cause of misalignments, you may experience relief from lower back pain and associated symptoms, but also improvements in overall well-being.

In your pursuit of relief from lower back pain following a concussion or related incidents, consider booking a consultation with our chiropractic office in Ames. The expertise of our Ames  Chiropractors in addressing upper cervical misalignments may be the key to unlocking a path toward comprehensive pain relief and improved spinal health. We will do our best to take care of you based on what matches your needs.


To schedule a consultation with Dr. Read, call our Ames office at 515-859-8597. You can also click the button below. If you are outside of the local area you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at
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